How to Install Seeker VR on Oculus Quest 2?

Hey there, fellow explorer! In this guide, we gonna talk about how to install seeker VR on Oculus Quest 2. Are You Ready to take your Oculus Quest 2 experience to a whole new level? Installing Seeker VR is like unlocking the door to a world where the line between reality and fantasy blurs. Imagine diving into thrilling adventures, feeling like you’re right there in the action.

Seeker VR isn’t just a game – it’s a ticket to a mind-blowing journey that’ll make you rethink what’s possible on your Oculus Quest 2. Get set for a ride that’s not just entertaining but downright extraordinary!

Install Seeker VR on Oculus Quest 2:

How to Install Seeker VR on oculus 2

A Step By Step Guide:

Here is a step-by-step guide to Installing Seeker VR on Oculus Quest 2:

1. Open the Secret Door:

  • Go to your Quest 2’s settings, like you’re adjusting the volume or brightness.
  • Find the “About” section, which usually has info about your device.
  • Tap on “Device Version” a bunch of times, like you’re unlocking a hidden code. This will reveal “Developer Mode”—think of it as a special room for trying out new things.

2. Connect Your Quest to Your Computer:

  • Grab a USB-C cable, like the one you use to charge your phone or laptop.
  • Plug one end into your Quest 2 and the other end into your computer. This will let them talk to each other.
  • Start up the Oculus Link software on your computer. It’s like a bridge between your Quest and your computer, letting you move things back and forth.

3. Make a New Friend Called SideQuest:

  • Download and install the SideQuest app on both your computer and your Quest 2. It’s like a special store for apps that aren’t in the official Oculus store, like a secret passageway to hidden treasures.

4. Find the Seeker VR Treasure:

  • Since Seeker VR isn’t in the official store, you’ll need to find its APK file online. Think of an APK like a box that holds the app’s code.
  • Be careful when downloading APKs, like you would be with any file from the internet. Make sure you get it from a trusted website, like a friend recommending a good bakery.

5. Drag and Drop to Make Magic Happen:

  • Open the SideQuest app on your computer and find the Seeker VR APK you downloaded.
  • Drag the APK file onto the SideQuest window, like dropping a book onto a bookshelf. This will install Seeker VR onto your Quest 2, like magic!

6. Put on Your VR Gear and Get Ready:

  • Put on your Quest 2 headset and grab your controllers, like you’re about to step into a new world.
  • In your Quest 2 library, find the “Unknown Sources” tab. It’s like a secret corner where apps from outside the official store hang out.
  • Seeker VR should be waiting for you there, ready for takeoff!

7. Start Your Seeker VR Adventure:

  • Open the Seeker VR app and get ready to fly! It’s like stepping onto a virtual Quidditch pitch.
  • Remember, when using apps from outside the official store, be cautious and make sure you trust the source, like following a map from a reliable guide.

Detailed Information:

Here is a detailed information of above steps to do them easily without any mistake:

1. Awaken the Developer Within:

First things first, let’s unlock the hidden potential of your Quest 2. Head into the Settings menu, then tap About. Now, here’s a bit of magic: tap Device Version repeatedly until Developer Mode activates. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you see a new menu option appear.

2. Tether Your Quest to the PC:

Grab your trusty USB-C cable and plug your Quest 2 into your PC. This trusty cord will be your bridge to sideloading Seeker VR, so make sure it’s a good one! Once connected, fire up the Oculus Link software on your PC.

3. SideQuest: Your Unofficial VR Sidekick:

Now, let’s meet SideQuest, your new best friend when it comes to exploring the unofficial corners of the VR world. Download and install the SideQuest app on both your PC and Quest 2. Think of it as your own personal Floo Network, whisking you away to exciting VR adventures beyond the official store.

4. Track Down the Seeker VR Spell:

It’s time to hunt for the golden key that unlocks Seeker VR! Remember, since the official Quidditch channels have vanished, you’ll need to find a reliable source for the Seeker VR APK online. Do your research and choose a trusted website to download from.

5. Drag and Drop to Conjure Your Broomstick:

Open the SideQuest app on your PC and locate the Seeker VR APK you downloaded. Now, picture yourself casting a powerful spell: drag and drop the APK onto the SideQuest window. Watch in amazement as your virtual broomstick materializes on the screen, ready to take you soaring!

6. Gear Up and Launch into the Arena:

Put on your VR headset, channel your inner Seeker, and grab your virtual broom (figuratively, of course!). Head over to the “Unknown Sources” tab in your Quest 2 library. There, amidst the digital landscape, you’ll find Seeker VR waiting patiently to whisk you away to Quidditch glory.

7. Unleash Your Inner Chaser:

Dive into the Seeker VR app and prepare to paint the virtual skies with your broom! Remember, with sideloading, it’s always good to fly responsibly. Stick to trusted sources for your APKs and explore the VR world with caution. Now, go forth, chase the Golden Snitch, and may the Quidditch odds be ever in your favor!

With these steps as your guide, you’re now just a VR headset away from experiencing the magic of Seeker VR. So don your Seeker robes, grab your virtual broom, and get ready to soar through the skies! Remember, the path to Quidditch greatness awaits, filled with excitement and adventure. Just fly responsibly and enjoy the ride!

How to Setup your Oculus Quest 2 :

  1. Charge Up: Before embarking on your VR journey, make sure your Quest 2 has enough juice. Plug it in using the included charging cable and adapter.
  2. Download the Oculus App: Grab your smartphone and download the Oculus app from the App Store or Google Play. This will be your remote control and gateway to the VR world.
  3. Pair Up: Power on your Quest 2 and open the Oculus app. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your headset with your phone via Bluetooth. It’s like shaking hands with your digital sidekick!
  4. Trace Your Space: Choose your play area, ensuring enough room to move freely. The Oculus app will guide you through setting up Guardian boundaries to keep you safe during VR adventures.
  5. Dive into VR: Put on your Quest 2, explore the Oculus home environment, and download your first VR experiences. Games, apps, and movies await, ready to transport you to exciting new worlds!

Bonus Tip: For an even smoother experience, consider connecting your Quest 2 to your Wi-Fi network. This unlocks access to the Oculus Store and lets you download tons of amazing VR content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Seeker VR legal to install?

While sideloading apps isn’t illegal, accessing copyrighted content without permission may be. Stick to trusted sources for the Seeker VR APK and proceed with caution.

2. Can I play Seeker VR without a PC?

Currently, sideloading requires connecting your Quest 2 to a PC. However, developers may introduce standalone installation in the future. Keep an eye out for updates!

3. I’m new to VR. Any tips for a smooth Seeker VR experience?

Take your time exploring the controls and practice flying in a safe space before diving into intense chases. Start with shorter matches and adjust settings for maximum comfort. Remember, VR motion can affect some users, so take breaks and listen to your body.


Installing it is a simple process to purchase it and simply install it . So your path to Quidditch glory awaits, paved with the magic of Seeker VR. Remember, this is just the beginning. So step onto the virtual pitch, grab your virtual broom (metaphorically, of course!), and chase the Golden Snitch with unyielding passion.

May your seeker instincts guide you true, and may your adventures in Seeker VR forever be etched in the annals of VR history. Now, go forth, paint the virtual skies with your triumphs, and remember – the greatest treasure isn’t the Snitch, but the joy of the chase itself. Happy flying!


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