Is F1 24 a Crossplay Game?

F1 24 is the latest entry in the Formula 1 racing game series, developed by Codemasters and published by EA Sports. The game aims to deliver a realistic and thrilling racing experience, staying true to the excitement of the real-world Formula 1 races.

“F1 24, developed by Codemasters and published by EA Sports, is the latest installment in the popular Formula 1 racing game series. Known for its realism and excitement, F1 24 brings the high-speed world of Formula 1 racing to gamers.”

F1 24 Game

Crossplay allows gamers on different platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, to play together seamlessly. This feature is increasingly important as it enhances the gaming experience by connecting a larger, more diverse player base and allowing friends to play together regardless of their platform.

Crossplay in F1 24

Here is some announcement is attached from the officials of the game

Official announcements

Codemasters and EA Sports have officially confirmed that F1 24 will include crossplay. According to recent announcements, this feature will allow players across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to compete against each other seamlessly. This decision follows a growing trend in the gaming industry to enhance player connectivity and community engagement.

Developer statements:

In a statement from the development team, Codemasters emphasized their commitment to creating a more inclusive and connected gaming experience. ‘We are thrilled to introduce crossplay in F1 24,’ said a spokesperson from Codemasters. ‘This feature is a significant step towards uniting our player community and providing a more dynamic multiplayer experience.

Platforms Included in Crossplay

F1 24’s crossplay functionality includes support for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Players on these platforms can now race against each other and against those on other systems, ensuring a broader competitive landscape and a richer multiplayer experience.

Xbox users, whether on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, can fully participate in F1 24’s crossplay feature. This ensures that regardless of the generation of their console, Xbox players can enjoy seamless multiplayer races with friends and competitors on different platforms.

PC players are also part of the crossplay ecosystem in F1 24. Whether they are playing through Steam, Origin, or other supported PC platforms, they can join races with console players, making the multiplayer experience more diverse and engaging.

How to Enable Crossplay in F1 24

Step 1: Link Your Accounts

  • Go to the crossplay settings in F1 24.
  • Follow the prompts to create a universal account.
  • Use your credentials for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to link your accounts.

Step 2: Customize Your Settings

  • In the game settings menu, find the crossplay section.
  • Adjust preferences for matchmaking, privacy, and communication.
    • Matchmaking: Choose how you want to find opponents.
    • Privacy Controls: Manage communication settings.
    • Communication Options: Set preferences for voice chat or messaging.

Step 3: Add Friends from Any Platform

  • Access your friends list in F1 24.
  • Look for the option to add friends from other platforms.
  • Send friend requests using their usernames or account IDs.

Step 4: Join the Action

  • Select multiplayer mode.
  • Choose crossplay to find matches with players from all platforms.
  • Jump into cross-platform games and race with friends seamlessly.

Note: Crossplay in F1 24 makes it easy to connect and race with friends across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Enjoy the thrill of multiplayer racing without boundaries!

How Crossplay Works in F1 24

To enable crossplay in F1 24, players will need to link their accounts across different platforms. This process typically involves creating a universal account that can be accessed from PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, ensuring seamless integration across platforms.

In-Game Settings:

Once accounts are linked, players can access specific in-game settings to tailor their crossplay experience in F1 24. These settings may include preferences for matchmaking, privacy controls, and communication options.

Adding Friends from Different Platforms:

F1 24 allows players to add friends from different gaming platforms to their friends list. This feature enables cross-platform communication and coordination, enhancing the social aspect of multiplayer gameplay.

Joining Cross-Platform Games:

Players can seamlessly join cross-platform games in F1 24, regardless of their chosen platform. This ensures that friends can race together, compete against each other, and enjoy the full multiplayer experience across different gaming systems.

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Technical Requirements:

PlatformSystem Requirements
PlayStation– PlayStation 4 (PS4)
– PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Xbox– Xbox One
– Xbox Series X/S
PC– Check minimum system requirements by Codemasters
Internet– Stable internet connection
Storage– Allocate sufficient storage space

Crossplay Restrictions and Limitations

There is also some Crossplay Restrictions and Limitations in F1 24 Game that you must have to know.

Game Modes:

While crossplay in F1 24 offers extensive multiplayer capabilities, certain game modes may have restrictions or limitations. It’s essential for players to be aware of these restrictions when participating in cross-platform races.

Regional Availability:

Crossplay functionality in F1 24 may vary depending on regional availability and server infrastructure. Players should consider these factors when engaging in cross-platform multiplayer races, especially in regions with different gaming communities.

Advantages of Crossplay in F1 24

Crossplay in F1 24 significantly expands the player base, resulting in faster matchmaking times. With a larger pool of players across different platforms, finding opponents for races becomes quicker and more efficient, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

More Diverse Competition: By allowing players from different platforms to compete against each other, F1 24’s crossplay feature creates a more diverse and dynamic competitive environment. Players encounter opponents with varying skill levels, strategies, and racing styles, leading to more challenging and exciting races.

Social Connectivity: Crossplay in F1 24 promotes social connectivity by enabling players to interact and compete with friends across different gaming platforms. This feature strengthens the sense of community within the game, fostering friendships and camaraderie among players regardless of their chosen platform.

Smooth Transitions Between Devices: With crossplay functionality, players can seamlessly transition between gaming platforms without sacrificing progress or connectivity in F1 24. This flexibility enables players to enjoy the game on their preferred platform while maintaining a consistent multiplayer experience.

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Community and Developer Support

Regular Updates and Patches:

Codemasters is dedicated to enhancing the crossplay experience in F1 24 through regular updates and patches. This ongoing commitment ensures a seamless and enjoyable multiplayer experience for all players.

Community Feedback and Responsiveness:

Codemasters actively listens to feedback from the F1 24 community regarding crossplay functionality. By incorporating player input, the developer aligns crossplay features with player expectations and preferences.

Reception from Players:

Player reactions to crossplay in F1 24 vary, with some appreciating its potential to unite the gaming community, while others express concerns about challenges and limitations. Understanding player perspectives is crucial for developers to enhance the crossplay experience.


In conclusion, F1 24 marks an exciting leap forward for the Formula 1 gaming community with its innovative crossplay feature, fostering seamless multiplayer experiences across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. By enabling players to compete and connect regardless of their chosen device, F1 24 promotes inclusivity and camaraderie among gamers.

With its dedication to regular updates, responsive community engagement, and commitment to enhancing the crossplay experience, Codemasters ensures that F1 24 remains at the forefront of multiplayer racing enjoyment. As player feedback continues to shape the evolution of crossplay in F1 24, the game promises to unite players worldwide, delivering exhilarating races and unforgettable moments for all.


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