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This guide will show you how to use VLC, your trusty media player, to experience VR content. We’ll explore setting up your VLC player, finding VR-compatible videos, and tweaking playback settings for an immersive journey. Get ready to be amazed by 360-degree videos, thrilling games, and interactive experiences – all from the comfort of your own home. So put on your VR goggles (or grab a cardboard headset if you’re feeling crafty), fire up VLC, and prepare to be transported to another world!

What is VLC:

VLC, or VideoLAN Client, is a super versatile and free multimedia player. It’s like the superhero of video and audio playback, supporting a wide range of formats. Whether it’s movies, music, or streaming content, VLC has your back. With its user-friendly interface and ability to handle almost any file type, VLC is your go-to buddy for seamless and enjoyable media playback on your computer.

So Let’s explore how to Play And Watch VR in VLC in 2023?

How to Watch VR in VLC?

Here are all detailed steps that you have to follow to ply your VR file in VLC successfully:

  1. Open the gateway: Fire up VLC – your trusty VR portal!
  2. Hunt for VR gold: Dig up those 360° equirectangular or side-by-side 3D gems (YouTube’s VR section is a treasure trove!).
  3. Feed the beast: Drag & drop your chosen VR experience into VLC, or use “Media > Open File.”
  4. Unleash 360° magic: Tools > Video Effects > 360° Projection. Choose your view – fisheye, cubemap, or let your imagination soar!
  5. Side-by-side? Go 3D!: Tools > Preferences > Show settings > Video. Enable “Anaglyph 3D” and pick your color scheme (red-blue or your favorite!).
  6. Fine-tune for VR bliss: Tools > Preferences. Adjust playback speed and head movement sensitivity for smooth sailing.
  7. Gear up, adventurer! Don your VR headset or whip up a DIY cardboard viewer for a budget-friendly experience.
  8. Pro tip: Hold “Shift” while dragging in VLC for a sneak peek at different 360° viewing angles before diving in.
  9. Beyond the basics: Don’t be afraid to tinker! VLC offers tons of customization options. Play with audio filters, explore advanced settings, and make your VR journey truly your own.
  10. Immerse yourself! Get lost in the sights and sounds of your VR adventure. Remember, the real world can wait – you’re on a trip to another dimension!

Step By Step Detailed Guide:

vr in vlc

Open the Gateway to VR:

Fire up VLC, your trusty media player, and prepare to blast off into the realm of virtual reality! It’s not just movies anymore – your living room is about to become a portal to breathtaking landscapes, heart-pounding challenges, and experiences beyond your wildest dreams. This guide will be your compass as you navigate the world of VR in VLC, step-by-step, ensuring your journey is smooth, immersive, and utterly mind-blowing.

Hunt for VR Gold:

First things first, you need fuel for your VR voyage! Scour the internet for those 360° video gems, preferably in the equirectangular format for seamless exploration. YouTube’s VR section is a treasure trove, but platforms like VeeR VR and Within offer even more hidden wonders. Don’t hesitate to experiment! Maybe you’ll stumble upon a captivating concert filmed from the stage, or find yourself soaring over the Grand Canyon with eagles flapping alongside you. The possibilities are endless!

Here are the 3 top website where you can hunt your VR content:

1. VRScout:

Venture into the heart of independent VR filmmaking on VRScout. This platform champions fresh voices and innovative storytelling, showcasing mind-bending documentaries, experimental projects, and interactive adventures that will redefine your perception of VR. Explore curated collections like “VR for Good” or “VR Horror” to discover socially impactful stories or spine-tingling chills.

2. Jaunt VR:

Prepare to be transported to distant worlds with Jaunt’s breathtaking 360° capture technology. Their library focuses on high-production travel documentaries and cinematic experiences that feel like walking through another reality. Imagine diving alongside humpback whales, scaling Mount Everest, or exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo, all from the comfort of your living room.

3-VeeR VR:

Imagine YouTube built specifically for VR! VeeR boasts a massive library of high-quality 360° videos across various genres, from travel documentaries to extreme sports and even interactive experiences. The platform is free to use, with premium options for higher resolutions and exclusive content.

Feed the Beast:

Once you’ve snagged your VR content, it’s time to feed it to the hungry beast – VLC! Drag and drop your chosen treasure into the open maw of the player, or navigate through the classic “Media > Open File” path. Watch as VLC chomps down on your selection, processing it into an immersive feast for your senses. Soon, you’ll be transported to a world where pixels transform into reality, and your imagination takes the reins.

Unleash the 360° Magic: Activating VR Mode

Now, let’s unlock the true power of 360° videos! Dive into “Tools > Video Effects > 360° Projection” and choose your preferred view. Fisheye will wrap you in the experience like a second skin, Cubemap lets you explore specific angles like a detective inspecting a crime scene, and other options offer unique perspectives that rewrite the very rules of storytelling.

With each click, you’ll redefine your relationship with the virtual world, breaking free from the confines of the screen and becoming part of the action.

Side-by-Side? Go 3D!: Activating Anaglyph 3D

But what about those side-by-side 3D videos? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten them! Venture into the hidden chambers of “Tools > Preferences > Show settings > Video” and awaken the “Anaglyph 3D” option. Choose your color scheme – red-blue is a classic, but who says you can’t go green and purple for a psychedelic trip? – and prepare for your virtual world to explode into three glorious dimensions.

Suddenly, objects will leap off the screen, dinosaurs will tower over you, and galaxies will swirl around you, leaving you breathless with wonder.

5. Fine-Tune for VR Bliss:

Want to take your VR journey to the next level? Think of VLC as your personal spaceship, ready to be fine-tuned for maximum enjoyment. In “Tools > Preferences,” you can adjust playback speed – slow down for a cinematic waltz through alien landscapes or crank it up for a high-speed chase through neon-lit cyberpunk alleys.

You can even tweak head movement sensitivity for smooth, responsive VR navigation, ensuring every turn of your head feels like a seamless leap through a digital wonderland.

Frequently Asked Questions:

5 FAQs to Level Up Your VR Journey with VLC!

1. I can’t find any good VR content! Where should I look?

Venture beyond YouTube VR! Check out hidden gems like VRScout for independent VR films, Jaunt VR for high-production documentaries, and VeeR VR for a vast library of 360° videos (equirectangular format is best for smooth playback).

2. My screen looks distorted in 360° mode. What should I do?

Head to “Tools > Video Effects > 360° Projection” and experiment with different views like Fisheye or Cubemap. Each view offers a unique perspective, so find one that fits your experience best.

3. Side-by-side videos aren’t popping in 3D! Help!

Make sure “Anaglyph 3D” is enabled in “Tools > Preferences > Show settings > Video” and choose your color scheme (red-blue classic or get wild with others!). If it still doesn’t work, double-check your video format – VLC only supports side-by-side 3D, not other 3D formats.

4. Can I adjust the VR experience for a smoother ride?

Absolutely! VLC is your customizable spaceship. In “Tools > Preferences,” tweak playback speed (slow-mo or fast-paced thrills?) and head movement sensitivity for responsive navigation. Experiment to find your perfect VR settings!

5. I don’t have a fancy VR headset! Can I still enjoy VR in VLC?

Yes! Whip up a DIY cardboard viewer with your smartphone and household items. Check online tutorials for easy instructions. It’s a budget-friendly way to jump into the VR world.


So there you have it, adventurer! Your trusty VLC media player has transformed into a gateway to mind-bending VR experiences. With this guide as your map, you’ve unraveled the secrets of finding VR gold, activating mind-blowing 360° views, and customizing your journey for maximum immersion. Remember, the true magic lies in exploration – don’t be afraid to experiment, tweak settings, and discover hidden wonders tucked away within the VLC labyrinth.

Now, put on your VR headset, real or DIY, and prepare to be transported. Scale Everest, swim with whales, or lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of digital worlds. VLC has unlocked the door – the rest is up to your imagination. So, take a deep breath, step through the portal, and let the journey begin!

And hey, don’t forget to share your VR adventures with fellow explorers! Leave a comment below with your favorite hidden VR gems or clever VLC hacks. Together, we can build a vibrant community of digital adventurers, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with this humble media player. Happy exploring!


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